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            · 2-[(4-Chlorophenyl)(4-piperi ...
            · Bepotastine inter-2
            · Bepotastine inter-3
            · Bepotastine inter-4
            · Bepotastine
            · Almotriptan intermediates
            · 4-Chlorophenyl-2-pyridinylme ...
            · (4-Chlorophenyl)(2-pyridinyl ...
            · 2-(Bromomethyl)-5-(trifluoro ...
              About Us

            Located in Zhangdian District, Zibo city of Shandong Province, Zibo Yexing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. is a professional enterprise specializing in the technical research & development and project cooperation of APIs, pharmaceutical intermediates and fine chemicals. Following the demands of Chinese and global pharmaceutical markets, Xingye commits to the research, development and production of hi-tech APIs and pharmaceutical intermediates. At present, Xingye is the only manufacturer in China for Bepotastine Intermediate andAlmotriptan intermediates. We have established closely cooperative relationships with pharmaceutical companies and chemical manufacturers all over the world. Sticking to such management idea of "human-orient, systemic management, keeping improvement, being enterprising, serving customers", we are striving to offer customers leading technologies, quality products and excellent service. Through creating customers values, we also realize the values and profits of our company at the same time.

            Upholding such business idea of "Honest business, be equal and mutual-benefited", we are working hard for meeting your demands and striving to be a trustable partners of you permanently. We are looking forward to cooperating with you for creating a bright future together!

            Taking the advantages of our company on technical development and environment, Xingye is willing to cooperate with customers all around the world for obtaining mutual benefits and achieving harmonious win-win situation!

            Copyright(C)2013, Zibo Yexing Chemical Technology Co., Ltd. All Rights Reserved.   Supported by www.hxchem.net
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